Inspired » You're featured on blogdrive's main page for the day. (:
Craig » Amanda, we all hope you're still alive!
Craig » Hi Amanda. I miss hanging out with you!
amanda » i was featured? whats that mean?
Jessica » Congrats on being featured.
Craig » Hey Amanda, I left you a semi-important comment on your last post.
Amanda » yeah dawg, me too. it says "done" at the bottom, but nothing appears until about 2 minutes later...
Craig » Is it just me or does this page's contents, except for the banner at the top, take forever to load? How's about fixin that, Amanda? I know you know how to.
Craig » Your ace is toast!! ...Why does that make me picture a Super Soaker commercial?....Aw I always wanted one of the big ones.
RichGirlsLily » kjsfkjfljasldkfjaksfjaslkjf
Craig » Toast is pretty hot fresh out of the toaster....
Amanda » What does that have to do with passing toast?
josh » (hangs head in shame) though that pic of you is super hot!
Amanda » INTERCEPTION!!! and the crowd goes wild!! :::aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh:::
Craig » Super Ultra Mega Toast Pass!!!
josh » no toast for amanda! no toast for amanda! quick, craig, throw the toast over here!
Amanda » Craig please don't take away my toast! What am I without toast?
Craig » Oh fine, Amanda. Totally ignore me. See if I care pshh. Ok so I do care. I'm taking your toast away.
josh » actually, that's the only way you can listen, because it's online radio. we look forward to having you tune in next week. and if you want to e-mail us during the show, you might even win a DVD!
Amanda » yeah i just checked out your site, josh! I'll have to tune in. Can i listen online?
josh » yeah, get with the posts. and amanda, have you heard about my radio show? you should totally listen. ask me about it and i'll give you details.
Craig » I would post on this more, but it seems to take a long time before you post on here. Always ms. busypants Clean up your act on this thing and I'll clean up mine!
Amanda » wow, this thing's been pretty dead, huh?
Mallori » Amanda- I found this cd a while ago.. it's pretty different. It's called chain and microphone. I picture an old hippy guy playing a guitar. anyway, check it out.
josh » i do. sometimes mine's funny. but that only happens occasionally.
Mallori » Does anyone else on here have online journals also?
Craig » Whoops. what the crap? oh well. Hey has anyone ever told your fiance that he has a "young Corey Feldman" look going for him? Just wondering because that's what I noticed today and it made me giggle.
Craig » Hey Amanda. I saw you today! We were going to Douglas Lake, so that's why I didn't mind looking like crap haha. It was good to see you again. Sorry I didn't say much.
Craig » Hey Amanda. I saw you today! We were going to Douglas Lake, so that's why I didn't mind looking like crap haha. It was good to see you again. Sorry I didn't say much.
Mallori » Yah.. I haven't crawled off in a while, it's just that I've rolled off by accident. hmh...
josh » i like the new layout. check out - it's bible stories retold through lego blocks.
amanda » haha! dont go crawlin off the altar mal!
Mallori » So, we as christians have to be dead to the world because our lives are to be sacrafices to our God!
Mallori » Hey.. about the sacrafice on the altar. You know what I think is a great example.. Sacrafices have to be DEAD or they will crawl off the altar..
josh » we're all crazy. riiiiight.
amanda » Is it me, or did you just take a bath in a tub of rainbows?
amanda » it's always raining in my mind!
amanda » terminal illness, terminal schmillnes
amanda » I LOVE JESUS!
amanda » i'll take a rootbeer...YOU'LL TAKE A MILK
amanda » wow, you all are crazy.
josh » damn double posts!
josh » nope, she's gone again.
josh » nope, she's gone again.
Craig » Holy cow!...Is it really you, Amanda?....I sent out search parties but they never found anything. I was beginning to give up hope. I'm so glad you're back!!!
josh » yay, amanda's alive! and she posted a rather hilarious and disturbing link.
josh » plus, i don't have her number.
josh » well, amanda never shows up here anymore! and i don't know how to use a telephone!
linds » guys are hopeless
josh » yep me too
Craig » I hope Amanda is still alive and kicking out there.
josh » ...around the corner fudge is made! hah haha ha hahha
Craig » milk, milk,...lemonade?....
josh » um, mangos?
linds » milk, milk, what goes with pie? milk, milk, what goes with beans?
Craig » Hey Amanda, remember that one time when we communicated through G-mail? Yeah whatever happened to that?
josh »
josh » you guys are gross!!!
Craig » And like I said, Amanda lets them rip.
Linds » I said, farts like whoa
amanda » haha! i SO fart. all the time.
josh » Congratulations!!!
Craig » Hey Amanda, I got your text message. It took me a few minutes to figure out who it was but congradulations
Linds » a comment so nice, I posted it twice
Linds » umm. Josh, I have news for you: AMANDA FARTS. Farts like whoa
Linds » umm. Josh, I have news for you: AMANDA FARTS. Farts like whoa
josh » EWWW! girls don't fart!
Craig » Amanda, I just noticed your quote at the top says "let rip". You know how a little kid would read that, and so will I. GROSS! FARTING!
josh » pirates!
linds » that's not a pirate, itss my own seester!
Craig » Amanda, did you know that Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg has an exhibit on PIRATES now?? I don't know about you, but I think it's amazinnngg. I have to go see it.
Craig » Thanks for the URL, Josh!
josh » hahaha, see what i did there? i took 'welcome' and turned it into 'SMELLcome'! hahahahaha! ... well, it was funny when i thought it!
josh » you're very SMELLcome.
amanda » spank you very much!
amanda » rice chex and sugar is mucho mucho good
mr odd fellow » isn't your b-day tomorrow? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
josh »
josh » eww, rice chex.
amanda » right now i am sitting in front of my computer eating rice chex...where are you?
Craig » Amanda, where are you? Maybe I should try calling you...
josh » no problemo, amanda banana!
amanda » thank you joshua!
josh » happy early birthday amanda! the 18th's when we get out for spring break here. hope you have a good birthday!
amanda » yes siree bob!
Mallori » Amanda's birthday is Friday the 18th. She'll be 20! Much love Amandapoo!!
josh » halleluiah! we -- we being me and craig -- were worried about you. hope everything's good with you.
amanda » amanda is alive and well on planet earth!
Craig » I believe you are right. I'll notify the police.
josh » send out a search party!
josh » is amanda dead again?
josh » well, feel free to draw up lots of illustrations, which might help jog my imagination as well.
Craig » No rush though, because I understand you have a lot of work to do at school. I'm just really antsy to start on it
josh » ah, well, in that case, i must help you finish the book!
Craig » True, but I've found that college didn't really do as much for me as I initially thought :-/
josh » well, i'm sure you could give it the ole college try, as you've completed college and all.
Craig » Hmmm good point. Then I'd have to rely on only myself to write our book. And that wouldn't be pretty.
josh » if i were tyler, then i'd only be your imagination
josh » but i wanna be Ed Norton!