Entry: Mercy Prayer Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lord, our prayer this morning is that you would come. Come and inhabit the praises of your people today, oh God. We know that you are coming one day, and ultimately we are going to see you face to face, Lord. But while we wait on that time, Father we realize that you’re going to come to us, either in judgment because of your desire for us, or in mercy because of our desire for you. So God we pray that you would come in mercy today because you find a heart in your people that is crying out for you, Lord, and you are going to answer that cry with mercy, oh God. Our prayer, oh Lord, is that you would not come in judgment because peoples hearts are cold and your desire for them is so great, Lord, that you’re going to come to us one way or another—mercy or judgment. God let our hearts burn for you so that you’ll come to your people in mercy today, oh God.


I cry out to God for his mercy in this house today. I cry out to God for mercy upon this land. I pray to be a child of God this morning and turn from wickedness and turn to the heart of the Father and cry out for mercy. He’s coming—He IS coming. He’s coming in glory, and every eye will behold Him and every knee is going to bow and every tongue will confess that he is God, King of Kings and Lord of Glory. He’s coming for the church. I cry out for mercy—mercy, oh God.


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