Entry: Just don't get it... Saturday, November 05, 2005

I just truly don't understand people's mindsets.

This woman came in because her voicemail wasn't working. The reason is she had the wrong voicemail number in her phone. She said that her husband tried to call and it wouldn't work and he got really pissed.


It just makes no sense. I can't figure it out. Why on earth would you get so mad over something so stupid? It's easily fixed. No big deal. Heaven forbid her voicemail didn't work for .25 seconds. She's the one who changed the voicemail number! It is truly the stupidest things people get mad over. They come into the store in a rage because their phone turned off by itself once, but then it's worked fine ever since, and they want to know why. HOW WOULD I KNOW? I am a sales rep, not a technician. Why do computers freeze up? I have no clue. But I don't run to dell and scream at them every time the computer freezes or gets a pop-up. Nor do I run to America Online or whoever my internet provider is. The way I try to explain it to people is, if your TV breaks and you can't use your cable, do you call Charter and demand that they replace your TV? No. People get so mad that the warranty service will charge them the full price for a phone if they find out it was customer inflicted damage (ex: water damage, cracked screens, etc). They get mad at Cingular, but what I try to explain to them is it's a manufacturer warranty. Cingular gives them a  new phone out of the goodness of their hearts--otherwise, the manufacturer would just say "tough luck, you're without a phone for 4-6 weeks". People think it's so ridiculous, but the thing is, all warranties are like that--electronics, stoves, microwaves, whatever. People's ignorance drives me up the wall sometime. They work themselves into such a frenzy that they won't listen to anything you have to say. You could tell them the earth is round and they would tell you it was square just to disagree with you. I just do not understand letting yourself get so mad about such little things. People around here must have crazy-mad blood pressure. I really try to remember to pray for them.

I went and saw Jarhead last night...I could easily describe it as a great movie, and I could easily describe it as a bad movie. It was definitely funny, great visually, cinematography was great as well...but aside from the language and violence, its really sexually explicit. I mean, its practically porn. Just don't take your children or teenagers to see it; its rated R for a reason.

Mal and I are going to church tonight, then are going to rent shaun of the dead and cook dinner after church. shaun of the dead is the greatest.

it has been a freakin zoo in here today. PISS OFF ANGRY PEOPLE! i feel like hanging out and goofing off today. so sod off.

i miss my sister. it's been a week since she left and i can't stand it. i hope she comes home to visit soon. i ache to see hailey, and to hold her.

i got my brother a coleman party cooler for his birthday...check it out: Coleman Party Cooler

welp, im getting off of here to go help randi and roger work...later days kiddos


November 7, 2005   11:51 AM PST
1: we didn't go to church
2: the pics you posted of Aaron aren't pulling up
3: have a nice day
4: love ya...
November 7, 2005   03:19 PM PST
I think people just go crazy if they don't understand something. They are afraid that something they paid for is broken, or they just get frustrated that they can't do what they want when they want. Well anyway, I tried calling you Saturday night to see if you wanted to go see Chase's band play in Maryville, but couldn't reach you :-/ I'll try to let you know next time though.
November 9, 2005   12:13 PM PST
P.S. Is it weird that when I first glanced at your post, I thought you said "don't understand people's midgets"?... I don't exactly think that's a very flattering word anyway.
November 9, 2005   12:20 PM PST
P.P.S. (tee hee I said P.P.) Hey Amanda, do you have the cd with that Rita Springer song on it? If you do, would you mind if I borrowed it sometime? I know a friend, and also myself, who would be blessed by hearing that song, and possibly any of the others on that cd. Get back to me if you see this!
December 12, 2005   10:55 PM PST
"Jar Head:" On a scale from "Oo-rah" to "Welcome to the suck" this movie got "welcome to the suck."

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