Entry: Lots going on... Friday, November 04, 2005

Lets see...I haven't got to update in a while. I suppose I'll start with this past weekend. I have some pics to share!

Friday night me, mal, and chris went to the mall, then to eat with diane, stephanie, and mary ann at wasabi. there we met a CIA agent (i swear, me and mal KNOW he's not really the VP for alcoa energy). After that, we met up with micah and went bowling. It was uber fun! I saw a bunch of people I went to high school with, which was pretty wild. My first time up to bowl, I somehow missed my lane and tossed my bowling ball into the lane to the left of us, and got a gutter ball on the left gutter. The people next to us kept teasing me, it was so funny! But then I bowled like 3 strikes and won the first round. Anyway, here are some really dark pictures of us bowling:

Me and Micah the Cox

Chris Farmer bowling like a pro

Mal bowling like a...well, I wouldn't say pro...

Micah, what a champ!

Ok, me and mal went shopping on saturday--spent way too much money. Then went back to my house, made chicken diapers (shredded chicken, cream cheese, & seasoning baked in croissants) and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Pretty ok movie--definitely some good looking guys in it. We've decided we must now go to Greece! Sunday was church, then me and Aaron went to lunch with Mal, Donna, Chris and Linda at Conners. MMM it was good. Then me and Aaron went back to my house to get my stuff, then went to walmart and kroger to get him a halloween costume. we didnt find much of anything, so we went with total randomity. When we were in walmart, I couldn't stop laughing. I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory...

his thong says "major babe" ahhahahaha!


November 6, 2005   07:39 AM PST
oh my gosh! those pictures are hilarious

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