Entry: Excellence Monday, October 17, 2005

So it's a funny thing...here lately I've been trying a lot harder at things I do. I was doing some thinking, and realized that I'm pretty lazy at work. I do enough to get by, and occassionally go the extra mile, but I've really not been a hard or dedicated worker. And I feel like I can testify all I want about the love of Jesus Christ but if I'm lazy or unmotivated that's not a good reflection of who Christ is. Not at all. And isn't the point to be Christ-like? So I've been working really hard at work, and doing things that are not necessarily in my job description. And last week I showed up for the first week of School of Leaders Level 3, and our topic for the next ten weeks is "The Way of Excellence." I definitely don't think that's a coincidence.

Today, this woman came in to pay her bill and she had some questions about her phone. We started talking about church, and she told me she went to the gathering, but she used to go to the fathers house. she ended up telling me about how her marriage is failing, and she is just scraping by. She has two beautiful kids, but her husband is an unbeliever--they aren't even living in the same state right now. She's kind of at her wit's end about how to handle everything, but she is desperate to save her  marriage. I asked her if she had ever read The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie O'Martian. She said she hadn't, but it was strange I asked that because someone else had recommended the book to her about a week ago, and she couldn't remember the name of it. I actually had my copy in the car, so I went outside and got it to give to her. That book is so great, and I know it will do wonders for her. I was supposed to let Joyce borrow it, but I have no doubt I've forgotten to give it to her for a reason. There was a much better use for the book, I'd say.

My sister got this awesome mouthwash...it's something new, by Crest. It hardly burns your mouth, but it lets you know where the plaque is. It's blue, and after you swish it around it breaks up any plaque on your teeth and turns it all blue. So any plaque that's left in your mouth is bright blue and easy to see so you can get rid of it!  And after you spit the first time, there is almost always yucky blue plaque that comes out, even after you brush your teeth. The only down side to the stuff is that even though it doesn't burn, it destroys your taste buds for several hours.

Last Saturday, Mal, Alicia and I went to dinner at Outback. Then we met up with Ashley Spurr, Jaybo, Brenda and Brandon Patterson, Brandon and Tiffany Sharp and Chris F to go to a haunted corn maze. So we drove all the way out to the maze, and they told us that they had been sold out for over 3 hours and there was a five hour wait. So we had to turn around and go back. Instead, we went to Gatlinburg and did a couple of haunted houses, then went to TGI Fridays to chill.  We all had a really great time, and I really really enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone. I wish I could express to each of those people how great I really think they are, and how much they mean to me, as little time as I do get to spend with some of them. I have been so blessed with wonderful people to have as friends and accountability partners. Do you ever feel just overwhelmed with love? Not for anything in particular, just for people and life. Sometimes I do, and I feel as though I'll burst if I can't get it out somehow. At the risk of sounding cheesy, life is good. I mean really, really good. I love my family, my friends, my job, my church, everything. I feel completely content with and grateful for what God has given to me. I'm not worried about the future, about the stock market or the next presidential election; I'm not worried about the price of gas or state taxes or global warming. I know that God has this magnificent plan, and he longs to bless me the whole way through. I just hope I can be a blessing to others, too. I kind of had this mini-revelation yesterday.  If someone were holding a gun to your head and said, "I'm going to ask you if you believe in God and his son, Jesus. If you say no, you will live. But if you say yes, you will die. Do you believe?" what would you say?
Would you die for Christ?

Then why won't you live for Him?

You see, God doesn't want us to die for him--he wants only for us to live for him! It's something to think about...


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